We Grow Anyway

Prickly Pear Printing is hard at work on our first book, We Grow Anyway, an anthology on queer love, growth, and survival.  We asked queer poets to submit the work that sustains them, because that's what we need in our own lives right now-- to capture growth, beauty and celebration. We asked to be sent odes to your body, love poems to your best friend, to your found family, to the love(s) of your life...whatever brightness can be found in our darkest hours. What grew is an incredible collection about love, struggle, and growth.  

Pre-Order We Grow Anyway: Pay What You Can

***If you can not afford a book, or are a contributing touring poet looking to bulk order, please contact us via email: pricklypearprinting@gmail.com

Donate a Book for $20: donated books go to libraries, community spaces, and to contributers and others who contact us in need